SMART Guard Mobile Patrol + Active Tracking System

Smart Cleaning Services

Comparatively new concepts with integrated solutions, this SMART Guard Solutions provides our clients with economically affordable, reliable solutions for insecurity environment in this current context. It integrates intruder detection systems with active guard patrol officers that ensures eliminate lapses of conventional static guards.
Tailor made solutions could be provided according to the clients requests.Read more >>

Force 101 Agents

Domestic Services

FORCE 101 is a franchise of Shieldbird (Pvt) Ltd, with a goal to provide high quality commercial wastage management in Sri Lanka.

From the start we knew the quality, motivated and highly trained staff, who we could trust would be the key success.

Cleaning is often a somewhat transient’s business but we look to the long term, offering career rather than a simply jobs and develop staff through our trademarked Force 101 process. Read more >>

App based response with COC

First time in the country

First time in the country, we offer an application-based emergency response services whenever our esteemed clients need assistance during a distress. Our highly trained COC Agents would rush within few minutes to the exact location with the real-time alert through our unique application.
All the movements including the distressed client’s location and COC actions will be real-time monitoring through our Central Monitoring Station until the task is being completed. 

Close Protection Officers

Close Protection Officers

Shieldbird deploy only well-trained personnel in martial art and unarmed combat for executive close protection operations. Our thoroughly vetted Close Protection Officers (CPOs’) are competent in handling any unforeseen emergency situation where they ensure a secure and reliable service second to none.

Crisis Management Centre

Crisis Management

The Shieldbird Crisis Management Centre has been established to provide risk intelligence with regard to Security, Disasters, Epidemics, Catastrophizes etc., in and out of the country. Manned by experienced military officers from different professions, they would,

a. Liaison with relevant authorities to gather information.
b. Analyzing, sorting and dissemination of information gathered.
c. To disseminate information to relevant clients as and when requested.
d. Advice on Security measures for local and overseas tours.
e. Risk Mapping
f. Travel advisory and safety

Loss Prevention

Highly trained officers

Our loss prevention, surveillance and decoy services are aimed in minimizing destruction, theft, losses, shoplifting while gathering vital intelligence on ground to initiate most viable preventive measures and to deny any future adverse eventualities.

Valuable & Cash Escorts

Heavy Security Escort

This unit is charged with the responsibilities of transporting money and valuables from one location to another under heavy security escort upon the request of customers who need such services. Our 24/7 Central Monitoring Station monitors and standby to react with our Rapid Response Teams during any emergency cases.

Specialized Static Guarding

No hassle, No doubts

We provide a niche clientele with a high end bespoke Static Guarding Solutions such as,
• Condominiums
• Residents and Villas
• Factories
• Embassies
And many more …

Investigation Trace & Track

Unparalleled Expertise

The Black, the special private detective arm of the Shieldbird will provide a comprehensive detective services I total confidence to the legal profession, corporate sector, insurance companies, private banks and individuals. The Black provides unparalleled expertise in all areas of civil, criminal and security matters.

The Blacks Management Team includes experienced officers from the Criminal Investigation Department, National Intelligence Bureau and Sri Lanka Police.

Event Protection Officers

International Standards

Our special events service provides comprehensive security programs for grand openings, film and theatre premieres, celebrity appearances, art gallery openings and many other types of events.

Shieldbird Security is capable of providing you with professionally and expertly managed special event security services in a proactive manner that addresses today’s ever-changing security challenges.

Security & Safety Comprehensive Audits

Audits and Reviews

Our Security Experts undertake comprehensive security /Safety audits and reviews on the request of the clients. The following areas would be audited by our experts
• Pre-deployment audits
• Security Reviews
• Safety Audits
• Comprehensive safety and security audits

Close Protection Chauffeurs

Detect and Avoid

Shieldbird utilizers it’s Close Protection Chauffeurs on personal requests and requires tactful security presence. The difference between our Close Protection Chauffeur and a conventional chuffer is their driving skills and the Close Protection Training given to them by Shieldbird, which enables them to notice and evade any hostile actions during the journey.