Like a SMART neighbour next door…

FORCE 101 is a franchise of Shieldbird (Pvt) Ltd, with a goal to provide high quality commercial wastage management in Sri Lanka.

From the commencement we were aware of the essential quality, motivated and highly trained staff, who we could trust would be the key success.

Cleaning is often a somewhat transient’s business but we look to the long term, offering career rather than a simply jobs and develop staff through our trademarked Force 101 process.

We provide Smart Cleaning Services for

 Apartments , Condominiums & Residences
 Schools & Institutes
 Hospitals & Medical Centres
 Restaurants & Cafes
 Factories & Ware Houses
 Public & Corporate complexes

Our Smart Team

Our professional cleaning system is designed to cater of client’s customized need in order to achieve their requirement. Our experienced staff members aspire to deliver high quality cleaning services.

Our modern methods to together with right cleaning equipment and kin eye of choosing EcoFriendly cleaning agents used in executing our task enabling us to ensure better finishing.

We know about what type of chemicals to use to protect the people inside your apartment and officers as well as protecting the environment from harmful agents and chemicals.

We provide the best cleaning services for your home by deploying well trained and disciplined “SMART CLEANERS”

All Staff in the FORCE 101 network have been through our rigorous quality assurance procedures before being joining, so you can trust them to do a thorough job every time. We personally vet all service pros, requiring police checks, reference checks then we service test each staff in the field.

Smart Home Care Solutions

Regular Cleaning – Rs. 14.50 per sqft

01. All Surfaces wiped and dusted.
a. Includes baseboards, furniture tops, ceiling fans, blinds, window sills, Picture frames.
b. On a recurring service, all of the appliances and cabinets are cleaned from outside only.

02. Carpets Vacuumed.

03. Hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors swept and mopped.

04. All Trash emptied and bags replaced.

05. Bathrooms wiped, scrubbed and disinfected.

06. Kitchen wiped, Scrubbed and disinfected.
a. Includes counters, cabinet fronts, Sink, Oven, Outside of refrigerator and spotcleaning.

07. Balcony wiped and cleaned, Floor mopped.

08. Remove all cobwebs.

Deep Cleaning – Rs. 18.00 per sqft

01. Sweeping all floor areas including damp moping of areas such as tile, linoleum, marble Floors, Staircases, Walkways, entrance area. Patios and public areas. Floors shall be free of dust, mud, sand, footprints, liquid spills, and other debris. Chairs, trash receptacles, and easily moveable items shall have a uniform appearance with no streaks, smears, swirl marks, detergent residue, or any evidence of remaining dirt or standing water.

02. Dusting and cleaning all furniture including sofas, dining tables, chairs, credenzas, telephonetables, bookshelves with or without glass doors, umbrella stands, shoe racks, Pictures,telephones, lamps and other common things found in a house environment. All furniture shall be free of dust, dirt, sticky surfaces.

03. Vacuuming all rugs and carpets, runners, and carpet protectors so that they are free from dust, dirt, mud, etc., When completed the area shall be free of all litter, lint, loose soil and debris. Any chairs, trash receptacles, and easily movable items shall be moved to vacuum underneath, and then replaced in the original positions.

04. Vacuuming, dusting and cleaning curtains, drapes, shades and other window accessories and dressings.

05. Thorough cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, mirrors, and shower facilities, using suitable nonabrasive cleaners and disinfectants. All surfaces shall be free of grime, soap scum, mold, and smudges. And Floor area scrubbed, and disinfected

06. Thorough cleaning of kitchens, sinks, countertops, appliances (microwaves, refrigerators and freezers). When completed, the area shall be free of grease, liquid spills, food, and dirt. Floor area mopped.

07. Emptying all wastepaper baskets, ashtrays and washing or wiping them with a damp cloth, replacing plastic wastepaper basket linings and returning items where they were located.

08. Removing any grease marks or fingerprints from walls, doors, door frames, windows and window frames, glass table protectors.

09. Polishing all brass surfaces including door and window handles, plaques.

10. Dusting tops of tall furniture tops of picture frames.

11. Sweeping and washing terraces and balconies to remove all accumulated dirt and debris.

12. Cleaning inside and outside window glasses.

13. Moving all furniture and vacuuming or polishing the floor under the furniture as appropriate.

14. Dusting and wiping light fixtures. This will include ensuring that all crystal reflectors are individually washed.

15. Remove all cobwebs.

After Party Cleaning

Rs. 3900.00 Two people for 7 hours. Additional each hour Rs. 380.00 will be charged.

After a long night of fun, the last thing you want to do the next morning is clean your home.

01. We will remove all leftover food, bottles and deep clean your kitchen and bathrooms. Here are just some of the other inclusions in Force 101’s after party cleaning service.
a. Thoroughly clean kitchen surfaces
b. Clean mirrors
c. Scrub and disinfectant bathroom floors
d. Empty all bins
e. Cleaning fronts of cupboards
f. Cleaning kitchen sink and counter tops
g. Vacuuming and washing of hard floors.

Before Party Cleaning

Rs. 3900.00 Two people for 7 hours. Additional each hour Rs. 380.00 will be charged.

01. Clean Window Sills

02. Move furniture – mop the floor and vacuum rugs

03. Vacuum upholstery and vents

04. Shake out doormats

05. Scrub sink, refrigerators

06. Wash toilet

07. Make the beds

08. Do all dishes

09. Wipe table tops

10. Wipe toilet seat and rim

11. Help with decorations and requested other cleaning work

12. Remove cobwebs.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Rs. 3900.00 Two people for 4 hours. Additional each hour Rs. 380.00 will be charged.

01. Dust Top-to-Bottom: every horizontal and vertical surface from ceilings to the floors,including fans, light fixtures, blinds, cabinets etc.

02. Wipe mirrors, Glass doors.

03. Vacuum inside all cabinets, closets/Shelves and drawers

04. Dust and wipe all cabinet doors.

05. In the Kitchen: Clean sinks, Faucets, countertops, Ventilation hood, inside of microwave, fridge, Oven and dishwasher doors.

06. In the Bathroom: Scrub, Sanitize, and deodorize shower/bathtub, shower head and toilet.

07. Mopping and Vacuum all floors and rugs.

08. Wet mop bare Floors.

09. Empty trash cans and replaces liners.

10. Vacuum blinds and window frames

11. Wipe light switch plates.

12. Hands wipe bedroom baseboards; wipe down interior and exterior living room cabinets.

13. Remove cobwebs.

Post Construction Cleaning

Rs. 3900.00 Two people for 4 hours. Additional each hour Rs. 380.00 will be charged.

01. Wash all surfaces and remove stains

02. Remove high dust from light fixtures, vents, ceiling pipes, etc.

03. Scrub, dust and vacuum all surfaces including furniture and trim work.

04. Sanitize kitchens.

05. Clean insides and outsides of desks and cabinets.

06. Scrub floors and tiles, polish fixtures wipe walls, etc.

07. Clean, wax, buff floors.

08. Clean window sills and window frames.

09. Clean window glass including scraping and etching removal

10. Cleaning bathtubs shower stalls, toilets.

11. Cleaning of appliances and removing of coverings wiped and polished

12. Vacuum carpets

13. Sweep scrape and hose/clean off stairs, landings, walks, decks, patios, garage floors, and basement.

14. Dust ceiling fans of bedrooms and light fixtures, light switch plates.

15. Thoroughly detailed dusting of all walls.

16. Remove all cobwebs

17. Deep clean washrooms

18. Deep clean kitchen

Domestic Facilities

Rs. 590.00 for Minimum two hours . Additional each hour Rs. 190.00 will be charged.

01. Minor Cooking and preparations.

02. Washing and cleaning

03. Baby sitting

04. Garden cleaning

05. Attendant service

06. Care taking

07. Elderly care


Like a SMART neighbour next door…
Smart Home Care Solutions: (Houses, Apartments , Condominiums & Residences)

✅Regular Cleaning
✅Deep Cleaning
✅Before & After Party Cleaning
✅Move-In/Move Out Cleaning
✅Post Construction Cleaning
✅Domestic Facilities such as Minor Cooking and preparations, Washing and cleaning, Babysitting. Garden cleaning, Attendant service, Caretaking & Elderly care Also, we provide Smart Cleaning Services for
✅Schools & Institutes
✅Hospitals & Medical Centres
✅Restaurants & Cafes
✅Factories & Ware Houses
✅Public & Corporate complexes