One of Shieldbird’ s newest, and finest ventures- a service that is set to revolutionize the Security Service industry in Sri Lanka, one that sets us apart from other security services companies. Our main aim is to provide each of our clients the power to take control of their own safety, by introducing the “Smart Guard”. “Smart Guard” the newest dimension in the industrial security where combination of technology with man guarding in one platform giving tangible results with optimum reliability. The aim of this is introducing a cost effective integrated security solution to our esteemed clients with optimum reliability. The Smart Guard is your trusted source for Petrol Service. Our in-built technology along with our employees are top-notch, with the latter specifically trained and equipped to efficiently and appropriately tackle emergency situations as and when they arise.

Why choose “SMART GUARD”

  • Mobile patrol guarding with Active Track Guard Tour System.
  • Immediate response by our response team/s by simply pressing the SOS App for the unforeseen situation.
  • No capital investment and cost-saving. Also, able to reduce the numbers in manned guards or get rid of them.
  • Getting a notification email for each guard tour by the Smart Guard.
  • All Smart Guards are NVQ certified & Trained Ex-servicemen.
  • Smart Guard is patrolling in your close proximity giving a deterrent to any observer\individuals

Technology Integration

This application can be downloaded from iOS, and Android platforms at no additional charge. Even though its initial debut was catered to Colombo and its closing outskirts, Shieldbird hopes to provide this service for every individual within Sri Lanka in the very near future. One significant option provided under this app, is the ‘SOS’ button, which is programmed to alert the Smart Guard and the OSOFTEC taskforce in case of emergencies, or as per the requirement of the client. Thereafter, in order to determine the volatility of the situation, the taskforce will communicate with the distressed customer, and any Smart Guard patrolling nearby will be informed and will arrive at the scene, within a matter of minutes. All agents will be fully equipped with body worn cams, batons, portable radio communication devices, flashlights, GPS devices, and any other essential gear.


The Skill Set

Highly skilled: Our guards are highly skilled ex-military personal

Rapid response: They are trained to response rapidly at any given emergency situations

Disaster Management skills: Our security personals undergo skills training on disaster management

First Aid and Evacuation Skills: They are also trained in our purpose-built training centers in such skills

Unarmed Combat skills: Proper training is been given to them to defend and safeguard.

Equipped with modern Technology: We use various technology in order to track and detect in order to take actions.

Crowd Control: we have handled many such events and naturally our security personnel’s have the ability to control the crowd.

Ability to analyze and react in situations: They know to keep themselves calm and reach to the emergency situations without panic.


Be smart in your security with a
“Smart Guard”


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